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I Want Tickets - Now!

Your ticket includes entry to all the Tedfest venues and events, none of which are open to the general public, plus you will receive a list of accommodation on the Island and the PIN Number required to book.

Your ticket does not include:

But you get a cup of tea when you get there!

Tickets cannot be refunded after PIN Codes and Accommodation Lists have been issued

Tickets for Tedfest cost 150€ (plus a paypal booking fee of €3.50) and will give you entry to the three main venues, Watty's, Shebangos and the Crack Den. Also included is entry to compete in the sporty events on arrival.

The security wristbands needed to get into venues will be issued to you when you get to the island. A team of large men in suits will keep any messers out.

When you buy a ticket you also get a list of the accommodation on the island that has been set aside for Tedfest and the individual PIN numbers required to make bookings.

Accommodation and ferries are not included in the ticket price.

Tickets cannot be refunded after Confirmation PIN Numbers and Accommodation Lists are issued.

To purchase tickets using our PayPal system please proceed to booking page.